The Bike Café – In the Heart of the City of Hamburg only at Location »City Centre«

Our initial idea was to hire out bikes to people arriving on a cruise ship and other tourists, but over the time, with the support of many good friends, an idea took shape which had never been seen elsewhere before.
There are plenty of bicycle stores in Hamburg and the idea to offer bike rentals or guided bicycle tours would not make us become another Mark Zuckerberg – cafés are abundant in Hamburg as well. But why not kill two birds with one stone?

A Real Hotspot for Cyclists

Zweiradperle Hamburg is a place where everything revolves around the bicycle, a gathering point created by cyclists for cyclists.
Whether you bring your good old “grocery-getter” in for service, hire a bike, get to know Hamburg on a guided tour, or design your own bike of your dreams, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy your favourite drink in our cozy Cafe and use our free Wifi

bike cafe zweiradperle hamburg
Espresso: 1,60 Euro, double Espresso 2,10 Euro
Cappuccino: 2,20 Euro, Americano, 1,90 Euro
Milkcoffee: 2,60 Euro, fresh Orange Juice 2,70 Euro
Latte Macchiato: 2,40 Euro + Flavour 0,40 Euro
Tea: 1,70 Euro, hot Chocolate 2,60 Euro

We also offer delicious Italian coffee, snacks and fresh cake